NYC Pride 2019

One will be a parade with glitter, go-go dancers, corporate floats blasting disco music and hundreds of thousands of people, flanked by cops and barricades. The other will be a protest featuring homemade banners, political chanting, an old-fashioned rally in the park, volunteer security guards (and glitter, though less of it).

The fact that both Pride marches will be traveling in opposite directions through New York City on Sunday while marking the same occasion – the 50th anniversary of the uprising at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 that sparked the modern gay rights movement – is as much a metaphor for a clash of ideas as it is a logistical fact.

That also means the Pride March is likely to be even more packed with revelers this year—so what do you do if you’re not up for being around huge crowds? There are plenty of ways to watch the march from the comfort of your own apartment: ABC7 will be broadcasting the march beginning at noon and going until 4 p.m.

Watching the march on TV may give you a better view of the floats and grand marshals, including the cast of FX’s Pose and the Gay Liberation Front, which formed in the aftermath of the Stonewall uprising. ABC will also livestream the event on its website, app, YouTube, and social media feeds.

How to watch the NYC Pride March

TV: ABC7 at noon.

Livestream: ABC7, YouTube, ABC app

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